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Alopecia, or patchy hair loss, is a common dermatological condition that affects the scalp region, often influencing the overall well-being of a patient. While our immune system undoubtedly plays an extraordinary role, it sometimes chooses the wrong invader, as with Alopecia, where the immune system’s attack of hair follicles results in balding patches on the scalp. Hair loss occurs in adults and children for many different reasons. Some causes are considered idiopathic (unknown) while others signal serious health conditions. The most common reasons are stress, hormones, autoimmune disease, seborrheic dermatitis or skin fungus   NEW YOU CLINIC offers multiple treatments:

  • steroids injections which stimulate hair to grow again
  • prescription drugs which may slow hair loss and promote new hair growth
  • PRP therapy which is a non surgical treatment that involves withdrawing patient's blood, separating the plasma and injecting it into the scalp. It helps regrow and thicken existing hair. PRP treatment can be also combined with microneedling or other medications for the best result!

Can tinea capitis (scalp fungus) be cured?

Yes, if treatment is started early before the hair is permanently damaged.

Is one PRP treatment enough to treat alopecia?

It may be enough, especially for female hair thinning, but we reassess the results after 3 months, so repeated treatments may be required.

Can alopecia be permanently cured?

It depends on the condition, but for all cases the sooner a diagnosis is made and treatment is started, the more chances for recovery

Is PRP injection painful?

No, each patient receives numbing before treatment which make the discomfort minimal

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All providers at New You are board certified and stay up to date with medical and aesthetic advancements to provide our patients with the best service possible in a safe and pleasant environment.

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