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Reginia Rein AvatarReginia Rein
This is the best clinic that I’ve been to! I enjoyed all their services! Top notch service! We will definitely be back for prp treatment and botox soon! 10/10 - 11/23/2022 
Kate Lewis AvatarKate Lewis
Dr. Beata was wonderful. It will take a little more time to heal completely- but no pain anymore. Thank you and Very pleased. - 11/18/2022 
Jennifer Carver AvatarJennifer Carver
I’ve known Dr. Beata for over 2 years, and I trust him completely! My experience here has been great. I received a PRP and my results are amazing. - 11/15/2022 
Pam Alvarez AvatarPam Alvarez
I wanted a solution for my baldness and heard about this injection therapy. So far, I have seen improvements, though nothing like what I want yet. Still, I hope this will work—great experience at the clinic. - 11/08/2022 
Rosa Barbiera AvatarRosa Barbiera
I took my mother to New You Chicago & got her some Botox as a gift. The staff here is amazing and everyone is so warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable. My mom loved it as well! - 11/03/2022 
Kate Mills AvatarKate Mills
I went for lip fillers the second time, and I was pleased too with the results. I felt safe because the doctor was friendly and professional! - 8/13/2022 
Cornelia Tillen AvatarCornelia Tillen
Dr. Beata is AMAZING! Process is quick, painless, and my side profile looks so much better! Sincerely, a very happy client - 11/23/2021 
Dana Barber AvatarDana Barber
I felt comfortable with this place and satisfied with my experience. However it was just a botox but their care, service, staff and scheduling were great! & No bruising no pain. Thanks Dr. Magdalena!! - 11/23/2021 
Liza Moklakova AvatarLiza Moklakova
New You Chicago Office is a beautiful place. They are very knowledgeable and genuinely take the time to explain everything they need to know about the procedures they are getting done. I had a great experience and will definitely be back! - 11/23/2021 
Mary Pow AvatarMary Pow
Amazing service! My first time was getting Botox and the doctors were so professional. This is the very best clinic for the very best results. I was never disappointed. - 11/23/2021 
Larisa Samy AvatarLarisa Samy
Awesome places for PRP treatment. Thanks Dr Beata! - 11/23/2021 
Sarah Maze AvatarSarah Maze
Best results and affordable rates and choose this company for PRP treatments in Chicago. - 11/23/2021 
Allison Terry AvatarAllison Terry
I just received my first treatment of Botox from the amazing New You Chicago, and am so pleased with the results. The doctor was amazing and and the cost is reasonable. - 11/23/2021 
Klaudia Wyk AvatarKlaudia Wyk
New You Chicago is a clean office with delightful staff. Dr. Beata is a very kind and gentle doctor. He explained the procedure clearly and I am glad I found this office. Thank you so much! 😊 - 11/23/2021 
Mark Horton AvatarMark Horton
Amazing doctor! Always quality care here, I have never been disappointed. His staff is very friendly and his office is clean and nice. I would recommend Dr. Danek anytime! - 11/23/2021 
Ada Kuczynski AvatarAda Kuczynski
Thanks Doc Danek! i am happy and satisfied! WOW! - 11/23/2020 
Thomasina Kuczynski AvatarThomasina Kuczynski
I love my doctors! I have felt very taken advantage of in the past at other doctor's offices; this is the first office I've ever felt safe at and validated. - 11/23/2020 
Grzegorz Pieta AvatarGrzegorz Pieta
Our family has been here several times. I have never been disappointed and always had a great experience. The staff is friendly and competent in all areas. We have ever gotten in and out within 45mins. Job well done - 11/23/2020 
Charles McDonald AvatarCharles McDonald
The office is responsive and efficient. Whenever I call, I get a call back right away from the doctors and can schedule visits when I need them. I have highly recommended it! - 11/23/2020 
Juniper Matthews AvatarJuniper Matthews
The staff is professional, courteous and very attentive to my needs. The doctor was helpful and addressed all the issues in an informative manner. Thank you for seeing me on short notice. I would highly recommend anyone. - 11/23/2020 
Anthony Foster AvatarAnthony Foster
Great experience during visit. A great doctor and easy to talk to to, efficient, smart. The staff and doctor were very friendly and helpful! Absolutely come back again. - 11/23/2020 
Ruth McCormick AvatarRuth McCormick
A place to go if you would like to improve your skin. I have acne problem and everyone here is very helpful and knowledgeable on the triggers of acne and they give advice on how to improve your skin. Thank you so much Dr. Beata Danek for giving me hope that my skin will continue to improve! - 11/23/2020 
Erika Randall AvatarErika Randall
I highly recommend the services at Dr. Beata Danek M.D. places. The whole team is excellent! I get facials from her occasionally, and so knowledgeable about the skin and products. The best aesthetician I've ever gone to. - 11/23/2020 
Marlene Parks AvatarMarlene Parks
Really love this place! A friendly doctor and easy to contact, get appointments, and etc. Thank you! - 11/23/2020 
Mervyn Stanley AvatarMervyn Stanley
I am a new patient but have found all the staff to be very friendly and very efficient. Was attended to promptly and am very pleased. Definitely the best services I have ever seen. - 11/23/2020 
Tabitha Ray AvatarTabitha Ray
I've had nothing but great things to say. Beata Danek M.D. is great, a wonderful doctor that is very caring, and knowledgeable. Easy to make an appointment. - 11/23/2020 
Gerald Dean AvatarGerald Dean
I have been with Dr. Danek since 2018 and really like him a lot. She is brilliant at her job, cares deeply for her patients, and is always responsive. - 11/23/2020 
Ewelina Skowron AvatarEwelina Skowron
I went yesterday and it was a very good doctors appointment and if I knew it was this close I would have done it years ago. Thank you to the staff for assisting me too. - 11/23/2020 
Steven Hawkley AvatarSteven Hawkley
If you're looking for a place that will take care of your health and beauty, dr Danek is your girl! Thank you! - 11/23/2020 
Pietro Wallace AvatarPietro Wallace
I have been coming to this office for the past 12 years and I have always been treated with utter respect. Staff is professional and joyous, making you feel right at home. Thank you dr Danek and everyone else! - 11/23/2020 
Adrian Oles AvatarAdrian Oles
Dr. Danek and his staff were indeed a pleasant place to have my work done. Everything from the front office staff, to the nurses who help prep you, to the follow up is exquisite. I had a chin enhancement. My recovery was smooth and my results are excellent. I am absolutely thrilled with how I look and what I paid. - 10/23/2020 
Even Wathen AvatarEven Wathen
Doctor Danek is a fabulous professional. I have been seeing her for 7 years for cosmetic purposes, such as Botox, Juvederm, or mesotherapy and even longer for medical reasons. She's the doctor you can certainly trust without hesitation. Staff is very friendly and respectful, the entire office is clean and welcoming. Thank you for all your hard work. - 11/23/2019 
lila Rose Avatarlila Rose
I been seeing Dr Danek for about 14 years.Dr Danek and her staff has been amazing!! Yes is a busy clean Office in times waiting could be long depending how busy they are, they will try to take care of you as fastest they can.the staff are always nice. Dr Danek she is always Positive and full of energy. Has been their in hard times helping with a Emergency C-section. A Teen with a Ulcer Dr Danek would stop by to see my Teen everyday in Hospital. That meant a lot to me and my Family. Thank You 🙏 The AAAA Bahena’s - 11/23/2019 
Uriah Mahatry AvatarUriah Mahatry
Very professional place, you can never go wrong with Dr. Danek and her staff :) Thank you!! - 11/23/2019 
Ela Stromski AvatarEla Stromski
I am beyond happy with the services provided by the clinic, dr. Danek is an amazing physician, she guided me through my pregnancy with such care and patience (I am a very picky person, switched my doctors twice in the first trimester). The staff is nice, they are a busy clinic - duh, they're good that's why. I delivered my baby girl last week at Lutheran General, and I was shocked to see how thoughtful this doctor is! Me and my baby are definitely staying with her (she's a family doctor, who delivers babies - full service!!) - 11/23/2019 
Carolyn O'Connor AvatarCarolyn O'Connor
I finally decided to get my lips done - something I've been thinking about for a while now. And the results are absolutely WONDERFUL! Dr. Danek explained everything thoroughly before the procedure, such as the possibility of bruising, downtime (none for me), what the procedure will look like, and whatnot. I am LOVING my new lips, the procedure was quick and very professional. Dr Danek was so engaging that I didn't even notice when we were done. I will be back when this filler wears off - definitely my place to go for any aesthetic services. She is an amazing doctor. - 11/23/2019 
Cars InUS AvatarCars InUS
We’ve had a very pleasant experience here. Dr. Danek is very responsible and energetic person and office staff is always nice and polite. - 11/23/2018 
Eric Finstiout AvatarEric Finstiout
A+++ - 11/23/2018 
Elyse Butionly AvatarElyse Butionly
Thank you so much, my botox procedure went very well and I love the results, so does my husband! - 11/23/2018 
Robert Niemczewski AvatarRobert Niemczewski
Great doctors, nice office, staff is amazing, front desk always helpful. Wait time expected as in other medical offices, and definitely worth it. Dr Danek and Magdalena Jarzabek are the best! - 11/23/2018 
Agata Wach AvatarAgata Wach
I have been to this office a few times and I was impressed with the care I received for both medical and cosmetic medicine. the staff is well informed and very helpful, dr Danek is extraordinary, she knows what you need and will tell you straightforward. She stays busy but that's because she's such a great doctor. Her nurse practitioners are also on top of everything. They called to make sure I am complying with my medications and measure my blood pressure daily. For cosmetic services - the prices are good and they will arrange for you to get great deals. the offers vary monthly and they update you via email. dr Danek's services will make you feel naturally beautiful. if she thinks what you want is too much, she will let you know. definitely the place is worth visiting. - 11/23/2018 
Bogumila Grabarkiewicz AvatarBogumila Grabarkiewicz
I'm with doctor Danek over 15 years and I think she is the best . Highly recommend to everyone 😃👍 - 11/23/2017 
Thomas Niemczewski AvatarThomas Niemczewski
Awesome doctors! - 11/23/2016 
Kas Po AvatarKas Po
Pierwszy lekarz, ktorego spotkalam majacy na uwadze dobro pacjenta,a nie tylko pieniadze. Wspaniala opieka. Pani dokgor tak sie mna przejela, ze nawet w niedziele do mnie dzwonila zapytac sie jak sie czuje.goraco polecam - 11/23/2016 
Martyna Slomczewski AvatarMartyna Slomczewski
Dr. Danek has been my doctor for over 10 years now. Not only is she extremely intelligent, she is phenomenal and highly skilled in her field. Most importantly she is thorough, caring and empathetic. I fully trust her with my health and consider myself lucky to have her as my GP! - 11/23/2016 
B D AvatarB D
Amazing doctor and I'm so glad I found her ! - 11/23/2015 
Greg m AvatarGreg m
Excelent Doctor , Beata did some tests for Lyme disease , and sure enough I had it , and she prescribed antibiotics to treat it , and followed up how I was doing . I am now doing fine , I do not have any symptoms . She is very dedicated to helping sick especially children , you usually see sick kids with worried moms in the waiting area . I do recommend her to my friends . Greg Maciolek - 11/23/2015 

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