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It can be easily mistaken for acne or other skin diseases. Rosacea seems to affect fair-skinned, middle aged women more often than the rest of the population. The cause of rosacea is unknown, however inflammation of the skin plays a big role in it. Treatment varies depending on severity and subtypes. When left untreated it tends to worsen over time.

Will sun affect Rosacea?

Yes, it will make it worse. Similar to other extreme weather conditions like wind or freezing cold.

What food should I avoid?

Although everybody is different, we suggest to avoid spicy food, aged cheese, red wine and dairy. However, you have to listen to your own body.

What are my treatment options?

Avoid Triggers. Triggers can be anything from extreme weather, sun, wind, cold, red wine, aged cheese, and spicy food.

  • Skin care products
  • Topical prescription creams
  • Oral medication
  • Sun protection

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