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Skin Moles

Skin moles occur when skin cells grow in a clusters instead of being spread throughout the skin. They tend to appear in the first few decades of a person's life and may darken during teen years, pregnancy, or after sun exposure. Moles can appear anywhere on the body in groups or alone. Most people have around 10-45 moles and may not even know about it. Some of them are harmless but some may develop into a skin cancer. If you see any unusual sores, lumps, markings or blemishes on the skin you should schedule a consultation with a health care provider.

What are warning signs of a mole to become malignant?


  • A = asymetry
  • B = Uneven Border
  • C = color (dark, black or blue, muticolored)
  • D = diameter (more than 5mm)
  • E = evolution (any change in the way mole looks or feels)

Is lighter skin more prone to skin cancer?

Yes, especially if there are more than 50 moles present on the body.

Are tanning beds safer than natural sun exposure?

No, both sun and tanning beds can cause cancer and need to be used with caution, especially in people with lighter skin.

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