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Stretch Marks

Also known as striae, they are a form of scarring made when the skin is pulled by rapid growing or stretching. Both men and women get stretch marks. They usually appear on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs due to weight gain, weight loss or pregnancy. Teenagers may notice them after a sudden growth spurt. Even though stretch marks aren't painful or dangerous, some people feel embarrassed about the way they make their skin look.

Can I prevent stretch marks?

You can not completely prevent stretch marks, but you can decrease the probability of getting them by watching your diet and avoiding excessive weight gain and also by moisturizing your skin - we suggest cocoa butter.

Can I completely remove my stretch marks?

Unfortunately not, however we can significantly decrease their appearance using Microneedling with PRP injections, laser treatments, as well as Mesotherapy.

What creams are effective in removing stretch marks?

Unfortunately no cream will remove stretch marks, however moisturizing your skin with cocoa butter during excessive skin stretch due to pregnancy or growth will decrease their intensity.

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