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Despite constant changes in style and fashion, full and plump lips have always been the symbol of beauty and health. Juvederm Volbella, the newest addition to the family, has been proven to subtly add volume to your lips, as well as aid in defining contour of the mouth area, such as smoothing smoker’s lines, enhancing your cupid’s bow, and correcting overall definition of your lips’ borders. It can also be used for eye rejuvenation by injecting it in tear through, therefore correcting sunken eye appearance

How much Volbella do I need?

Dr. Danek will discuss with you how much you need, depending on your condition and expectations, but typically patients are treated with 1-2 vials.

What are the side effects?

Most common side effects are bruising and swelling - lips are very vascular, so most patients have some degree of both. Thanks to new technology, lumpiness seen with other fillers is uncommon with Volbella.

Is the procedure painful?

If you have topical anesthetic, followed by ice there will still be some discomfort with the injection, tolerated well by most. But if you are sensitive to pain, we offer dental block, that makes the procedure pain free.

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At New You, we believe that the human body is one’s most important physical possession and should be taken care of and listened to. Therefore, we promote well-balanced, healthy lifestyles and believe in natural looks.

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All providers at New You are board certified and stay up to date with medical and aesthetic advancements to provide our patients with the best service possible in a safe and pleasant environment.

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