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The Lip Fillers – Why We’re So Hooked On The Trend?

  • August 11, 2021
The Lip Fillers – Why We’re So Hooked On The Trend?

Gone are the days of oversized and disproportional breast augmentation, heavy lash wisps, or the daily tanning bed treatments – and we’re not sad to wave them goodbye. While the current age of beauty might be stepping into the minimalist zone, the same can’t be said for our desire to have that perfect pout straight from the social media platform. And it was right there – on Instagram – where our obsession with voluminous, naturally-looking lips began. Although we always worshipped Angelina Jolie’s inborn cupid’s bow, Mother Nature, in all her glory, did not gift each one of us with equally sensational lips. As unfair as it may be, filling and shaping treatments have existed, becoming popularized and refined in recent years by beauty gurus and influencers alike.

The Lip Fillers

The “Kylie Jenner look” has been sticking around since her now-legendary lip come-out back in 2015, and from the burgeoning interest and Google searches, we can say for certain that the trend is here to stay. The social media influence is undeniably extraordinary. And now, in 2021, specific lip stylings or techniques acquired their own names, including Russian Lips, Baby Doll Lips, or French Lips!

The Goal of Lip Fillers Other Than Enhancement

Lip modeling has many names and, contrary to popular belief, the goal of the treatment is not always focused on enlargement. People all over the world have seen the benefits of lip fillers that go far beyond their original intention. Utilizing hyaluronic acid injections, the main component of many lip filling products and your naturally occurring substance, we can provide a substantial moisturizing effect, give your lips adequate proportions, even out the asymmetry, and all-in-all accentuate your Cupid’s bow. As experts emphasize, the lips reflect your beauty when done correctly, which is why they are enhanced in a way that not only addresses your preferences but also perfectly matches your facial structures and natural proportions.

Although the lip augmentation treatments themselves enjoy unflagging popularity, it is hard not to get the impression that many techniques exist to achieve the desired effect. For instance, the Russian Lip technique refers to the rejuvenation and volumeizing of the center of your lips, emphasizing Cupid’s bow and leaving the sides in line with the face. Ultimately, whatever the name, all of the methods are a combination of different injections leading to refreshed and plump lips that will turn heads at every corner.

Thinking about getting lip fillers?

The Lip Fillers

Lip modeling or enhancement with hyaluronic acid is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure applicable to most patients without complications. If you are not satisfied with the shape, structure, or even color of your lips, the treatment will enable you to achieve the desired results. Many of our imperfections are caused by genetic determinants, such as asymmetry or low volume, and those can be easily corrected at a reputable aesthetic medicine clinic. The second factor damaging our lips’ appearance is a photoaging process caused not so much by age as by the unfavorable influence of external agents, such as sunlight exposure, temperature fluctuations, wind exposure that causes overproduction of free radicals and weakening of the collagen fibers. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to firm your lips and restore their uniform color and texture.

The inevitable aging process itself causes a decrease in the levels of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, noticeable when our lips become permanently dry and flabby with a loss of volume. The good news is that lip filler injections can temporarily stop and reverse the process.

Lip Augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid

The purpose of the treatment with hyaluronic acid is the comprehensive regeneration of your lips and surrounding areas achieved by moisturizing the tissues. The preparations enriched with hyaluronic acid provide volume and shape that meets or exceeds the patient’s expectations.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an entirely natural substance that occurs in our body – by far, its most significant amount is found in our skin. With the passage of time, such as through the aging process, the hyaluronic acid decreases, especially in the mouth area. Aesthetic medicine enables professionals to supplement its deficiency by filling, modeling, or augmenting the lips and the other regions affected by the loss of volume.

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan, a complex polysaccharide of our connective tissue, binding water in the skin and properly hydrating, hence the moisturizing effect we see immediately following the procedure. Two main types of HA are used in cosmetic medicine: cross-linked and noncross-linked, with the latter is used to instantly hydrate dry, flaccid lips. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is a standard filler used in medical spas. The time with which it remains in the tissue depends on the level of its cross-linking and your unique characteristics as a patient. The more cross-linked, the longer it retains in your lips. The treatment lasts on average from six to eighteen months.

Hyaluronic acid can be administered to virtually every area of the body, most often in the face around the mouth, cheeks, and nose.

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