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Being a women-led clinic, we understand your unique healthcare needs. New You provides comprehensive women’s health services, with decades of experience behind our caring and dedicated staff. Our personal and friendly approach creates an environment where you can be comfortable no matter what we are helping you with.

As a family practice, we offer screenings and treatments for common medical and gynecological conditions.

Statistics show that 1 out of 8 women will develop breast cancer and 80% of breast cancers are not genetic. Like most diseases, detected early, there is a greater chance of successful treatment. We also educate you about risk factors that impact development of breast cancer like obesity, smoking, alcohol, hormone replacement while also making you aware about the things that we can’t change which include things like pregnancies, age of menarche and menopause, family history.

Genital cancers are on the rise, and we strongly advise to include gynecological evaluation to your yearly exams. For your convenience, it can be included in your yearly general physical exam that is covered without deductible by most medical insurance plans.

Also, cardiovascular diseases are currently the #1 cause of premature death in women. Over 30% of women pass away due to heart and circulation-related conditions. As a Family Medicine clinic, we provide extensive screenings and treat conditions that can contribute to your cardiovascular health, like hypertension, elevated cholesterol, obesity and sedentary lifestyle, sleep apnea, diabetes among others.

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